Sports Injuries

Sports injuries aren’t just something that happens to professional athletes. People of all skill levels manage to injure themselves while engaged in various athletic endeavors. When this happens, most want to achieve pain relief as soon as possible and facilitate healing so they can get back on the field, court, rink, or whatever playing surface is applicable for their sport of choice. One way to accomplish this is with chiropractic care in Castle Rock, CO with a chiropractor in Castle Rock that is familiar with sports injury treatment.

Injury while running

Meet Our Sports Injury Chiropractor: Dr. Campbell

If you are looking for sports injury treatment in Castle Rock, Campbell Chiropractic Clinic in Castle Rock may be the option you are looking for, our chiropractor, Dr. Cory Campbell, was first attracted to the profession of chiropractor when he received chiropractic care for his own high school sports injuries. Not only did his treatments provide pain relief, but they motivated him to help others by becoming a chiropractor in Castle Rock CO.

How Common are Sports Injuries?

Sports injuries affect participants at every level. One Canadian study conducted in 2010 found that close to two thirds of injuries sustained by adolescents were sports related, and these types of injuries continues in order adults as well, when they continued to account for nearly half of injuries. The injuries happen for a variety of reasons, many of which are preventable. Some of the reasons for injury include

  • Excessive Training

  • Poor Training Methods

  • Faulty Exercise equipment

  • Structural Imbalances and/or muscle weakness

  • Hyperextension or Hyperflexation – caused by a traumatic force to the joint, One common injury includes a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL), which requires pain relief and management to recover

Why Choose a Chiropractor in Castle Rock CO

For those looking for pain relief from a sports injury, a chiropractor in Castle Rock CO can often provide the right base knowledge necessary to determine the root cause of any pain or mobility issue and can help you determine the best course of treatment for your injury, as well as advise you on nutritional choices and other exercises that can help reduce pain without medications. Through treatments and instructions, the chiropractor in Castle Rock CO may also help you prevent further injury, and will even give you information on types of exercises or treatments you can do independently to reduce your chances of reinjuring yourself.

Schedule Sports Injury Treatment In Castle Rock If You Are Suffering From Sports Injury Pain

If you’ve been considering chiropractic care in Castle Rock as a way to relieve pain from sports injuries or any number of ailments, contact our chiropractic clinic in Castle Rock at (303) 663-8365 to schedule an assessment with our chiropractor.

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