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​​​​​​​At Campbell Chiropractic, we are dedicated to helping you and your loved ones overcome and manage chronic injuries and unwanted pain conditions. Dr. Cory Campbell and our team strive to help you achieve your wellness goals. Give us a call today or inquire about an appointment through our message forms. We are here to help you and your family live a long and healthy life.

Castle Rock Chiropractic Care

What We Provide

Our chiropractor is excited about the opportunity to serve the Castle Rock, Colorado area. Dr. Campbell, a graduate of the distinguished Palmer College of Chiropractic, specializes in such advanced techniques as:

  • Prone Diversified Technique, a manual adjustment method in which the patient lies prone on a treatment table

  • Activator Technique, a gentle, precise form of adjustment using a handheld instrument called an Activator

  • Rapid Release Therapy, an instrument-based method for releasing adhesions and other forms of soft tissue restriction

​​​​​​​Dr. Campbell emphasizes these techniques not only because of their effectiveness but also because they are easy on the patient, with none of the "cracking" and "popping" that makes some people nervous about chiropractic care.


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