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Campbell Chiropractic Reviews

Below are the reviews from our patients who have experienced real and lasting results from Campbell Chiropractic

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“ I have been going to Dr. Campbell for years. Does a great job and is very friendly. I have been going to see him quite a bit since starting my new job and he has been incredibly helpful in reducing my mid to lower back pain. ”

Joey C.

“ Best chiropractic office. Always relieves any issue that i have had. And the True Cellular Detox is the way to go. I am still following the diet plan 2 months after the end of the program. 30 pounds lighter and so much more energy and clarity. Thank you!!!! ”

Cristi K.

“ Dr. Campbell is knowledgeable and very effective. He also makes it fun which is an unexpected plus! I give him my highest recommendation. ”

Bernie G.

“ Dr Campbell is so great for relieving my occasional aches and pains. Yesterday I woke up with my neck hurting and today it’s back to normal after being adjusted. ”

Chad P.

“ As a customer for almost 8 years Cory has always been great. Not just good at what he does but truly cares for your well being. If you need a trustworthy source for healthcare and holistic approaches, go see Dr. Campbell ”

Kevin C.

“ Honest, friendly, effective and reasonable! Highly recommended. Fixes my issues everytime. ”

Corbin G.

“ Dr. Englert is amazing! Went to Palmer College -the best chiropractic school there is. She loves to take care of people and truly takes the time to understand someone's problem. Amazing person and doctor!! ”

Nick M.

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