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If you want to improve your health and well-being or improve more rapidly after an injury, let us assist you with nutrition response testing in Castle Rock, CO. This non-invasive method lets our chiropractor at Campbell Chiropractic assess your current health and make recommendations for improvements. Focusing on nutrition in Castle Rock CO we can work with you through all-natural methods based on nutrition and chiropractic care. Discover the difference that nutrition response and health testing can offer you.

What Is Nutrition Response Testing in Castle Rock CO?

Nutrition response testing is a scientific method of analyzing and improving your health using clinical nutrition. We start with the analysis stage, which allows our chiropractor to determine how well your systems and organs are functioning. This is not a diagnosis phase because nutrition response testing is not a conventional medical practice. We are not naming diseases or conditions. Our goal is to help identify weakened areas of your body and provide improvements through holistic care using nutrition.

Analysis Process

During the analysis phase, we test your autonomic nervous system. Each area of your body has a flow of energy that can be measured. Using nothing more than his hands Dr. Cory Campbell is able to measure the flow of energy throughout various points. When energy flow is low, this is an indicator that you may be suffering from a related condition.

These areas are considered active. Through the proper use of nutrition and the aid of our diet coach, we can provide treatments that will deactivate the organs or areas as needed. This helps to improve the functioning of these systems of the body.

Nutrition Program For Improved Health

We use a clinical nutrition program as part of the treatment course for nutrition response testing. The types of nutrition plans focus on nutrients concentrated in a supplement that contains all of the enzymes and minerals found in the original food source. If you are suffering from an active area it is likely caused by a deficiency in your diet, such as a lack of Vitamin D or C.

Whole foods often lack the full spectrum of these nutrients due to the lack of quality of our produce. Furthermore, basic over-the-counter vitamins typically contain toxins and feature misleading information on labels, which can all be counterproductive to your nutritional needs. Our goal is to provide you with medically proven and effective supplements for the nutrients that are lacking in your body.

Nutritional Coaching Program In Castle Rock, CO

Dr. Cory Campbell of Campbell Chiropractic of Castle Rock, CO is a diet coach who provides nutrition plans that correlate with your nutrition response testing results. At our chiropractic clinic, we also provide adjustments, massage therapy, sports injury treatment, and prenatal chiropractic care.

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