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Sports in Castle Rock CO are an important aspect of education, and for students who decide to participate in organized sports, it’s important for them to make sure they are healthy and ready to play before their coach will let them suit up.

Before you participate in sports at school, you will need to get checked out by a medical professional to make sure that you are cleared for participating in the student athletic program. At Campbell Chiropractic, we are proud to offer comprehensive sports physicals in Castle Rock CO for all local students.

Headed by our chiropractor in Castle Rock, CO, Dr. Cory Campbell, we are known for our detailed approach toward evaluating student athletes, as required by their schools’ sports programs.

This is why so many students give us great word of mouth and referrals to their fellow athletes. They are so glad to be pronounced to be in good health by the chiropractor, their enthusiasm prompts them to tell other students about our quick and convenient service.

If this is the first year when you will be involved in sports at your school, you should know that a sports physical is different than the normal physical that you should get once a year. A doctor needs to check you out to make sure it will be okay for you to play safely.

Our Chiropractor Can Perform Sports Physicals In Castle Rock CO

As your preferred chiropractic clinic in Castle Rock CO, we want to make sure that we help each student athlete get cleared with a physical so they can participate in sporting events. Part of the chiropractic care in Castle Rock CO that we offer includes verifying that athletes are in good condition before hitting the sports field or court.

All the exercise that comes from participating in sports helps students stay healthy and in shape. What’s more, improving your physical conditioning helps you with mental performance too, whether doing homework or taking exams.

What We Check For During Sports Physicals

The team at your chiropractic clinic in Castle Rock CO will be happy to go over the details of what we check for during sports physicals.

As experts providing chiropractic care in Castle Rock CO, we’ve been conducting sports physicals for many years now. Here are the main things that your chiropractor in Castle Rock CO will check for during the sports physical:

  • Pulse
  • Blood pressure
  • Test range of motion
  • Height and weight
  • Vision screening
  • Check for hernia
  • Complete health exam

Book An Appointment For A Sports Physical In Castle Rock CO Today

The last thing you want is to delay in coming in for a physical from your chiropractor in Castle Rock CO, because that could keep you from playing with your fellow teammates in the first game. Dr. Cory Campbell wants you to come in as soon as possible to make sure you will be cleared to play during extracurricular sporting events.

To learn more about our sports physicals services or to book an appointment, please connect with Campbell Chiropractic today at (303) 663-8365.

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